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Mobile apps developer for iOS and Android platforms using Xamarin framework

Required skills:

  • Xamarin iOS/Android
  • C#/.Net
  • Javascript
  • iOS platform
  • Android platform

Valued skills:

  • Objective-C
  • Java
  • Angular JS
  • HTML5/CSS3

Telecommunications Technical Engineer

We are looking for a telecommunications engineer (Telematics knowledge will be highly valued) to help us integrate our software solution with multiple digital radio devices. Our ideal candidate would have working knowledge with Zigbee and/or Z-wave. If the candidate does not have experience with Zigbee or Z-wave we will take into consideration experience with similar protocols (at least 3 years of experience).

Required skills:

  • High level of Linux knowledge.
  • Proven experience with Zigbee, Z-wave or other digital radio protocols (a minimum of 3 years of experience if the candidate has not worked with Zigbee or Z-wave).
  • Competent in C and/or C++ programming language.
  • High level of English (no degree required but should be equal or higher than a B2 speaker under the CEFR scale).

Valued skills:

  • Competence in the Java programming language

Mobile App Engineer

We are looking for a mobile app developer proficient with the Android and iOS ecosystems.

Required skills:

  • Proficient with the Android SDK
    • Competent with the Java programming language
  • Proficient with iOS SDK
    • Competent with either Swift or Objective-C programming language
  • High level of English (no degree required but should be equal or higher than a B2 speaker under the CEFR scale).

Valued skills:

  • Knowledge of HTML including HTML5.
  • Knowledge of Javascript programming language.
  • Knowledge of CSS including CSS3.

Quality Assurance Engineer

We are looking for test engineer to help us implement a quality assurance workflow for our product. Among the responsibilities of the position are the implementation of automated tests of several natures (functional tests, regression tests UI tests, performance tests).

Required skills:

  • Knowledge of API test automation tools such as JMeter or SoapUI.
  • Knowledge of UI test automation tools such as Selenium.
  • Knowledge of Mobile application test tools such as Robotium (for android) or Appium (for iOS).
  • High level of English (no degree required but should be equal or higher than a B2 speaker under the CEFR scale).

Software Engineer

As software engineer you will be responsible for the software as a service infrastructure that manages the whole Net4things IoT architecture. We will also need your help with the IoT device controller software. Our solution is implemented using several programming languages of which being Java the language of choice for the two modules aforementioned.

Required skills:

You would feel right at home with us if you:

  • Speak Java fluently.
    • Have working knowledge of different threading and concurrency APIs from JSE.
    • Have Good programming practices.
  • Like Spring because:
    • You feel very comfortable using their implementation of inversion of control (IoC) and Dependency Injection (DI).
    • It gives you lots of tools to solve real problems.
  • Love to make RESTful APIs because:
    • SOAP is OK but you prefer to keep it simple.
    • JSON is a very cool format to represent data.

Mandatory Requirements

  • Mastery in the following:
    • Java.
    • Spring IoC
  • Proficient in:
    • Apache CXF
    • Hibernate
    • Linux (including good knowledge of shell scripting).
    • JEE5 or better application servers
      • Usage.
      • Administration.
    • SQL
      • ANSI/ISO 92.
      • Data Definition Language.
    • Apache Maven build automation.
    • Has knowledge of:
      • No SQL persistence engines.

    Valued skills:

    • Knowledge of PostgreSQL
    • Knowledge with AspectJ
    • Grid computing notions
    • Distributed computing


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