Connected Car

Drive your customer towards a new era by connecting their cars

Connected Car

Connected Car is now a reality and it offers a huge opportunity to grow.

Join your customers´ journey and travel across with them. Get ready to start a new relationship with your customer, knowing their needs and assisting them on the road.

Moreover, Net4Things Connected Car gives you the chance to build your business in different ways, making it B2C or B2B2C.

Connected Car


Our solution gets you closer and helps you know your customer better. Net4things business modules help you build new services, based on the drivers, environment and car data.

Connected Car Data Marketing


Hit the mark. You will send the right offer at the precise moment, just when it is needed. Thanks to data, our module helps you build accurate and direct advertisement campaigns to a targeted audience.

Connected Car Life Risk Alert

Life Risk Alert®

Be there when your end user needs you. Improve your customer safety on the road with Net4Things certified e-call, getting closer to your customer and supporting them when needed. This module also allows you to provide an accident recreation through our Instant Crash Report®, reducing fraud and improving safety on the road.

Connected Car UBI


Four out of five drivers are open to sharing their recent driving behaviour to get personalised insurance quotes. This is what our modules brings you: the chance to provide a competitive, flexible and updated tariff module to offer the right insurance policy to each driver.

Connected Car Booking


Service providers can offer the right option when a customer needs to book an appointment to fix & maintain their cars, book a hotel, get a table in a restaurant and many more options!

Connected Car Gamification


Service providers can encourage their subscribers to share their driving behaviour and scores to compete with other drivers using social networks. You can also reward the best drivers within your subscribers, building your own games, badges and rankings.

Building an ecosystem
Connected Car