everis supports Net4things to turn IoT into reality

Madrid, Spain- According to the data by the Gartner advisory company, in 2016 there will be more than 6,400 million devices connected to the network worldwide. The implementation of IoT (Internet of Things) will register an exponential increase in the Digital Home sector ? a market that will reach 13,100 million dollars in Europe in the next 4 years -, while the Connected Car sector will increase fourfold during that same period . Furthermore, more than 85% of life insurance users in Spain point out the innovation and adoption of technology as a key aspect in the field of assistance and health .

In this context, Net4Things, a Spanish company that allows the development of solutions, applications, and IoT services and applications, along with everis, have announced their strategic agreement for their worldwide merchandising of the Net4Things platform. This way, service providers of any sector (Telecom operators, Insurance, Utilities, Distribution, etc.) will be able to customize solutions and services based on Internet of things.

A unique platform for the IoT of every need

Net4Things is a pioneer in the development of flexible, scalable, and measurable solutions, thanks to a software platform in the cloud that allows the integration of diverse devices such as cameras, sensors, thermostats, smart locks, medical devices, etc. The platform allows for these devices to communicate amongst themselves and with the user through a unique interface, accessible from the web or any mobile device. It provides security and comfort functions as well as analytical capabilities, aside from control.

For example, a company in the energy sector will be able to offer their clients intelligent control systems for power consumption. An insurance company will be able to merchandise metered insurances based on the use of the automobile and active insurance that prevent household accidents.For the user, the solution is materialized in the form of a customized kit, which may include the devices required for the Internet of Things, auto-installed and with an intuitive interphase, user-friendly, and programmable to manage any related event.

For Juantxo Guibelalde, the partner responsible for the everismart initiative of everis: “We devote the same effort to locate and work with the best technological partners and the development of our own solutions. In everismart, we cannot imagine an IoT market without strong alliances with relevant companies. For us Net4Things enables us to offer our big telecom clients, utilities or insurance companies new types of innovative services. These services represent an important qualitative leap, not only regarding new risks but, also, as customer loyalty, a customer attraction or efficiency tool for their operations. The relationship with Net4Things is of great value since it complements the offer and the common vision of the market and the way of working with our clients.”

For Joaquín García-Baquero, CEO of Net4Things: “Net4Things makes a multidirectional communication between devices in our surroundings possible, generating a smart environment. In this way, we make a new era of technology come true in which the internet of things is part of our daily life. Our agreement with everis provides us with the ability to take our solutions to the market, due to their presence in several sectors and countries. Furthermore, the synergy between the different abilities that both teams have, allow us to create an unbeatable value offer to our potential clients.”