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Cross-industry approach

You need to get closer to your customers, their digital lives, and the things and people they care about.

Whether you are in transportation, finance or entertainment,
mobility data is a key strategic asset.

Net4Things’ Global Marketplace Program

We provide end-to-end mobility solutions focused on a wide range of industry verticals, while adapting to rapidly changing client and market conditions. We like working with partners in a global-local marketplace model to build new business-specific solutions.

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Mobility data as a service

Generate new revenue streams and enhance your customer relationships by unlocking the value of your mobility data.

Agnostic to actual data sources, Net4Things transforms mobility data into actionable data to open new business opportunities.

Data-enabled services portfolio

Data marketing

Net4Things empowers your new digital marketing strategy with actionable mobility and third-party data.

Fleet management

Net4Things gives fleet owners and OEMs full control and location of assets to ensure business continuity while improving drivers’ safety and productivity.

Insurance telematics suite

Net4Things enhances traditional insurance businesses and provides new UBI (Usage-Based Insurance) models that benefit our clients and your end users.

Predictive maintenance & booking

Our predictive maintenance application for repair shops, dealerships and OEMs is a great example of how artificial intelligence, combined with the right mobility data, delivers optimal results for clients.

Consent management suite

Users want complete control over their data, and they demand transparency and responsibility from the companies that collect, use, and share it. Net4Things’ Consent Management Suite offers clear, reliable, and secure management of personal data

Mobility as a service

We’ll build and operate your mobility service so you can concentrate on your customers’ needs.

Mobility products and services by Net4Things

Your mobility partner

We are committed to your success from the beginning.

Service definition

A holistic approach to your desired mobility service, covering technical and go-to-market strategic aspects.

With end-user engagement as our top priority, the Circle App provides a combination of beautiful design and UX with a set of valuable features.


From simple platform delivery to end-to-end service, we build the tools and experience for the best-in-class mobility service.

Ecosystem development

We enhance your mobility service with additional modules to generate new revenue streams from ancillary services and related business partners.

Our local team working close to our clients is the winning recipe for developing a successful local ecosystem of services.

Data monetization

Unlock the value of data in your mobility service. 

Build an advertising campaign in minutes with accurate, categorized and actionable data through our awarded data marketing module.

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