We are Net4Things

We are Mobility Data

Net4Things was founded in 2012 by a visionary team led by Monica de Oriol, initially focused on providing Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions for service providers in the domains of Smart Home, Connected Car and e-Health. While projects were crystalizing in commercially ready value propositions, the company began earning a strong reputation in the Connected Car space, forming key service partnerships in the Spanish market with an insurance company, a car financing company and the telecommunications market leader.

By mid-2019, Net4Things started its international expansion with the opening of operations in Brazil and the reinforcement of its global business development team.

Net4Things has developed a very direct and agile managerial approach to help service development and commercial teams launch their own mobility and data services in less than twenty weeks. The relationship never stops there, as Net4Things offers continuous support to client teams, and contributes to the enlargement of partner ecosystems, along with the improvement of distribution channels and mobility data sources, to ensure the sustainability of the operation.

Net4Things is now a Mobility Data company, expanding its value proposition into the provision of mobility services to a greater scope of industries. In addition, clients can access specific, real-time data flows in different processing stages from a fast-growing base of people and things connected to Net4Things’ Global Mobile Platform and third-party data sources: the new “Mobile Data as a Service” addition to the company’s offer. Service excellence, real-time data access, and ready-to-use applications are key pillars of Net4Things’ value proposition. 

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