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Movistar and Ganvam join forces to connect 2 million cars

The telecommunication company will increase the distribution network for its Movistar Car offering. Telefonica teams up with the association of vehicle distributors to boost the …


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82% of drivers are ready to connect their cars

20% of cars are already connected 75% of all connected cars have pre-installed connectivity, while 25% rely on third-party services Alliances like Ganvam and Movistar, …


Car connection: Grupo Antolin and Net4Things sign strategic agreement

The alliance is aimed at creating state-of-the-art solutions for safer, connected cars. Connected car technology can offer drivers a unique experience by providing information about …

Monitoring feature of connected cars helps resolve issues caused by Filomena

The connected car solution allows you to locate and monitor the status of the vehicle at all times, which reassures users and family members and …


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