A portfolio of fully-managed services

  • Data-enabled service applications are the tangible result of Net4Things’ long trajectory building mobility services for a variety of industries.
  • Easy to implement and operate, clients are not required to be subject-matter experts or directly linked to the mobility sector.
  • Our team handles all aspects of the preparation, implementation and operation of your specific service, with dedicated resources and know-how from actual clients.

Smooth integration and quick returns

  • Service providers can bring new mobility services to market faster, securing your position as innovative market leaders.
  • Enjoy direct, secure, and consented access to your customer base with minimum systems integration efforts.
  • See quick returns from direct monetization of new business models and increased loyalty from customers.

Data-enabled services portfolio

Data marketing

Net4Things empowers your new digital marketing strategy by incorporating actionable mobility data to your traditional data sources, achieving the desirable just-in-time and just-for-you features in an advertisement campaign.

  • With a real-time flow of actionable mobility data gathered by the service platform, the data marketing app processes hundreds of dynamic variables combined with static information to match any scenario.
  • The user-friendly interface lets you easily plan your own advertising campaigns, from defining your target audience to uploading your marketing content in several digital formats, triggering specific communication directly with the end user, whether or not they’re a mobility service customer.
  • You can track the success of your campaigns with well-defined metrics such as hit ratio, number of viewers, interest awoken and actual redemption of promotions.
  • Conversion rates are significantly higher than traditional advertising platforms due to a focused and non-intrusive approach to target users.
  • The data marketing application is designed to be fully compliant with the GDPR directives and extremely respectful of users’ privacy, putting consent at the forefront of every design decision.​
  • It's easy to integrate with your front-end systems thanks to its open architecture based on industry standards. Mobility apps powered by Net4Things, like connected car solutions for private cars, become digital inventories for broader advertisement campaigns.​
  • Communication and feedback from your connected customers are more efficient and open up a new world of possibilities, adding the real-time dimension to the equation​.

Fleet management

Net4Things gives fleet owners and OEMs full control and location of assets to ensure business continuity while improving drivers’ safety and productivity.

  • OEMs can offer complete, white-label fleet services to business clients on top of their value-added services, once mobility data structures are provided to Net4Things mobility team.
  • Fleet managers can operate heterogeneous vehicle fleets of any size from a single dashboard, integrating mobility data within business decisions. Vehicle data can be accessed directly from OEMs’ repositories or through an aftermarket solution.
  • Fleet managers are able to drive strategic planning based on mobility data analysis. Decisions about daily assignments, monthly vehicle availability, and acquisition and sales, all based on real data about routes, usage and engine status.

Insurance telematics suite

Net4Things enhances traditional insurance businesses and provides new UBI (Usage-Based Insurance) models that benefit our clients and your end users.

  • Net4Things provides additional tools to insurers to optimize risk assessment, while providing superior roadside assistance for drivers.
  • Driving behaviour can be easily monitored to detect combinations of harsh maneuvers, which can be correlated with industry best-practices and each individual insurer.
  • In addition, Net4Things has developed certified forensic reports to prevent fraud and facilitate claims processing.

Predictive maintenance & booking

The predictive maintenance application for repair shops, dealerships and OEMs is a great example of how artificial intelligence, combined with the right mobility data, delivers optimal results for clients.

  • Track engine status and manage scheduled appointments for your customer base. The user-friendly and intuitive app will be the perfect copilot for your customers.
  • Predict engine failures and save time on spare parts replacement based on actual usage and mobility data. With mobility and engine data from an aftermarket solution or directly from the vehicle brand’s cloud, Net4Things predictive maintenance provides remote diagnosis of mechanical failures using engine diagnostic codes (DTCs), vehicle usage and data about maintenance schedules and fluid consumption.
  • Open new commercial relationships with car owners, from scheduled maintenance appointments to upselling new aftermarket services and, ultimately, selling additional vehicles to current customers.

Contact our expert mobility team to find the mobility data service that best fits your business.

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