A portfolio of fully-managed services

Smooth integration and quick returns

Data-enabled services portfolio

Data marketing

Net4Things empowers your new digital marketing strategy by incorporating actionable mobility data to your traditional data sources, achieving the desirable just-in-time and just-for-you features in an advertisement campaign.

Fleet management

Net4Things gives fleet owners and OEMs full control and location of assets to ensure business continuity while improving drivers’ safety and productivity.

Insurance telematics suite

Net4Things enhances traditional insurance businesses and provides new UBI (Usage-Based Insurance) models that benefit our clients and your end users.

Predictive maintenance & booking

The predictive maintenance application for repair shops, dealerships and OEMs is a great example of how artificial intelligence, combined with the right mobility data, delivers optimal results for clients.

Contact our expert mobility team to find the mobility data service that best fits your business.

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