Unlocking the value of mobility data


Net4things joins the Mobility Institute 

At Net4things we are very happy to announce our adherence to the Mobility Institute, an independent platform created by the RACC and Deloitte, which champions the analysis of new mobility models with a perspective of promoting collaboration and business and institutional relations. This happens at a key moment for all the industries involved in the transformation of mobility to generate value with agile mobility products and services adapted to the needs of digital customers.

The collaboration between Net4things and the Mobility Institute is in line with the actions that we have carried out within the company. We want to contribute with our knowledge and experience acquired in promoting connected and secure mobility. Since 2016, when we started with the connected car, until today, where we have incorporated other mobility assets (motorcycles, cars, bicycles, pets, people, etc) to position ourselves as one of the main drivers of connected mobility at a global level.

In addition, Net4things’ platform processes the mobility data of these assets in real time, extracting data to create new use cases that allow smarter business decisions, cost savings, processes streamlining and customer experience improvement.

Join forces for a connected and safe mobility

We are aware that there are many aspects to improve in the market so that the coexistence of all vehicles, infrastructure and citizens is the fairest and most respectful for all. For Francisco Rodríguez, Head of Business Development at Net4things, “we are at a crucial moment full of opportunities in the world of connected, sustainable and safe mobility. These types of alliances put us in contact with public and private organizations to offer them mobility products and solutions that we have been developing over the years with greater agility and speed”.

In the words of Ricard Casalins, coordinator of the Mobility Institute, “we are very happy with the incorporation of Net4things to the Mobility Institute, as it is a relevant player in the mobility sector, both for the type of activity it does and for the results it achieves. I’m sure both parties will come out stronger.”

With this new alliance we want to reinforce our commitment to cooperate with the agents that are studying the changes that citizens need to move more responsibly and freely in cities.

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