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Global partners

Net4Things is expanding globally, addressing specific business opportunities with a dedicated business development team. In order to accelerate expansion and offer enriched services to our clients, we are looking for global partners.

Value-added service partners

Complement our portfolio of services with additional features.
Develop specific use cases for industry verticals.
Integrate third-party technologies for the benefit of end-customers.

Value-added resellers

Joint go-to-market in specific markets.
Wholesale access to Net4Things' service portfolio.
Ad hoc agreements for specific products or customers.

Headquartered in the US, Brightstar is a Softbank subsidiary operating in 57 countries, with a local presence in 38 countries on 5 continents.

Value-added service provider

Brightstar is helping Net4Things to simplify device logistics with service providers, operating at every stage of the device life cycle with a complete end-to-end service, from the moment it’s manufactured to the moment it’s time to retrieve it from the end user.

Brightstar is actively working with Net4Things with telco-driven operations in LatAm region.

Everis is a subsidiary of NTT Data, originally from Spain and now present in 18 countries throughout Europe, UK, North America, LatAm and Africa.

Value-added reseller

Everis is known globally as a top technology and business consultant, with sound transformational projects in a number of industries where mobility plays a key role, such as banking, distribution & retail, health, insurance, logistics & transport, the public sector, security, and telecom & media.
Net4Things and Everis are actively partnering in a transformational European banking project that includes re-marketing and financing of new and used cars.


Dimension Data is a subsidiary of NTT Data, originally from the UK and with a strong foothold in North America, continental Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Value-added reseller

Dimension Data provides expansion markets to Net4Things, complementing our core mobility proposition with local support services to their client base across all sectors, including finance, health, telecommunications, manufacturing and government.

Net4Things and Dimension Data are building a value proposition for the insurance sector in Africa.

Headquartered in Greece, Intracom Telecom is a global telecommunication systems & solutions vendor with local presence in Europe, Russia & the CIS, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and North America.

Value-added reseller

Intracom Telecom supports Net4Things’ business development efforts, primarily in the south of Europe.

The collaboration combines Net4Things’ technology for deploying mobility services with Intracom Telecom’s value-adding components and integration capabilities for complex on-site IoT projects.


Telefónica International Wholesale Solutions (TIWS) is a 100% subsidiary of Telefónica Group, in charge of wholesale communication service provision for land-line and mobile carriers, ISPs and content providers in over 170 countries, with their own infrastructure and strategic agreements with partners.

Value-added reseller

TIWS, through its Telco4Telco program, is extending the value of digital services already deployed in Telefónica’s operating businesses to other operators around the globe, including Net4Things connected car services.


UST Global is a leading technology partner that delivers digital transformation strategies for services and products, through off-the-shelf platforms covering the whole life cycle of product/service development.

Value-added reseller

UST Global and Net4Things partner in joint projects that benefit from complementary capabilities in terms of technology, system integrations and go-to-market strategies.

Local marketplaces

Net4Things empowers mobility service market leaders with a rich ecosystem of partners. We are currently empowering a variety of sectors with digital solutions through our Global Mobility Platform.

  • Roadside assistance
  • Repair shop networks
  • Logistics
  • Legal advice
  • Parking and toll payments
  • CRM and contact centers
  • System integration
  • Mobility data brokerage
  • Digital marketing
  • Remarketing of vehicles

Net4Things’ local marketplaces are the right place to enhance your digital value proposition with market leaders.

  • Expand your customer base using the leading mobility platforms in your home market.
  • Gain visibility and expertise in mobility services and data analytics technology.
  • Join our international expansion programs.


Headquartered in Spain, Eurotaller is part of Groupauto International, one of the world’s largest original spare parts distribution and service & repair networks for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

Value-added service provider and reseller

Eurotaller provides an extensive network of repair shops in Spain (653 as of June, 2020), covering the full spectrum of repairs with access original spare parts at competitive prices.

Movistar Car has integrated Eurotaller’scustomer journey, and now car owners are receiving advice, quotes and directions to the closest repair shop when engine failure is detected. At the same time, Eurotallerrepair shops are distributing Movistar Car as part of their portfolio of services.

Dvuelta is a subsidiary of the bigger Reacciona Group and operates in the Spanish market, with headquarters in Madrid.

Value-added service provider

Dvuelta offers full legal protection to vehicles and drivers, including services like appealing traffic fines, handling driver’s license issues with authorities, and on-site assistance services, among others.

Dvuelta is an active partner of Movistar Car customers, complementing Net4Things’ core connected car service.

Konecta is a leading BPO and Contact Center provider headquartered in Spain, with international presence in Latin America to offer effective offshore and nearshore solutions.

Value-added service provider

Konecta provides Net4Things with end-to-end level 1 customer care solutions for its clients, covering various time zones, and supported by multicultural and multilingual teams.

RACE is one of Spain’s leading automobile associations, a full member of the FIA (Federation Internationale de l’Automobile). They offer roadside assistance and support services to car owners and drivers, along with general insurance coverage.

Value-added service provider

RACE is the necessary intermediary with emergency services for Movistar Car’s SOS feature.

They work with Net4Things and our clients not only to process accidents, but to refine and improve the whole automotive experience.

Zeleris is a logistics operator, subsidiary of Telefónica headquartered in Spain. They have a strong local presence and far-reaching international relationships.

Value-added service provider

Zeleris is a key partner for Net4Things in the Spanish market, handling device delivery and returns with powerful process automation and seamless integration with Net4Things’ backoffice tools.


Headquartered in USA, Stoneridge’s global footprint encompasses 25 locations in 25 countries. It is an independent designer and manufacturer of highly engineered electrical and electronic components, modules and systems, principally for the automotive market.

Value-added service provider

Stoneridge is supporting our operations in Brazil from their facilities in Manaus, with local device manufacturing, financing and end-to-end logistics.

Central America

Headquartered in Guatemala, Inadria is a reference in the market of IT and customer service outsourcing, with strong ties to local electronic equipment and telecommunication service providers.

Value-added reseller

Inadria provides local support to importers, retailers and service providers dealing with complex tasks like logistics and customer care.

Net4Things is actively teaming up with Inadria for mobility service projects in Central America.

Are you interested in partnering with us?
Contact us and we’ll start making a difference together!

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